The following prices are current


as of the 12st of April 2017


All prices do not include HST


Computer Job


* First Hour of Computer Service: Covers the first hour of your service call. $55.00 / In-Home / Office
*Regular support/repair fee: You are billed after the first hour in thirty minute increments. $15.00 / Every 30 Minutes Rounded Up
* Out Of Town Fee: If you would like to have us come to you and you live outside of Goderich, there will be an additional fee. Ask us for more details. $25.00 / Per Call
* Re-installation of Windows: Billed additional to the regular hourly fees for any other services. Includes windows updates and Virus Scanner installation. You must provide the Windows Setup CD OR have a valid cd-key hologram sticker on your computer. $75.00
* Data Backup Retrieval: Attempted retrieval of lost data or before a windows
re-install is performed (Always Optional). Billed additional to regular hourly fees or windows installation fee.
$60.00 / Per Computer
* System Offsite Backups: Your data will be encrypted and automatically stored in the cloud in case of fire/theft/hardware malfunction/deleted files/etc… $135.00 / Year / For The First Computer $50 / Year / For Each Additional
* Offsite Backup Restore: This is to restore your backup to your computer. $150 / Per Computer / Per incident